Beauty’s new normal: what happens when cosmetic surgery goes wrong

6 September 2018

In a recent investigation into the beauty industry, Four Corners invited Professor Anand Deva, founder of Integrated Specialist Healthcare, as the voice of reason to explain the consequences of poorly performed cosmetic surgery.


In a world fueled by social media, where ‘influencers’ share their cosmetic surgery journeys and encourage thousands to follow in their footsteps – for better or worse – the cosmetic surgery industry is seeing unprecedented growth. And unfortunately, the surgeries aren’t always performed by properly certified practitioners with the patient’s  best interests at heart.


The consequent problems can be debilitating and, in some cases, life-altering. In this Four Corners investigation, women share their stories of surgery gone wrong, while Professor Anand explains the difficulties in ‘picking up the pieces’ in corrective surgery. He urges patients to do their research and ensure they are treated by a well-trained and properly-certified practitioner.

To help address these issues, Professor Anand and the team at ISHC have established the Integrated Breast Implant Check Clinic – the first clinic of its kind in Australia – which offers breast implant checks by experienced practitioners at a low cost. The ISHC team have also established the ISHC Research and Education Foundation to further research the issues around breast implant surgery and continue to make improvements to the healthcare system.


If you have concerns about your breast implants, you should speak with your surgeon, or alternatively, make an appointment at the Integrated Breast Implant Check Clinic.