‘I’m concerned that my breast implant surgery didn’t go quite right. What should I do?’

5 September 2018

Getting breast implant surgery – in fact any surgery – is a huge financial, emotional and physical investment. Every person has a different reason for getting breast implant surgery; but whatever the reason, it’s vitally important that it goes right.


All surgery carries risk, and it’s your surgeon’s responsibility to discuss the risks with you before your surgery. If, after your surgery, you’re feeling concerned about your breasts, call your surgeon straight away. Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable speaking with your surgeon, or simply want a second opinion, you can visit our clinic for a breast implant health check (more information on that later).


Concerned your breast implant surgery didn’t go quite right? Here are some things to look out for:

  • hardening of the breast
  • sensitivity to touch
  • pain
  • wrinkling or distortion of the breast
  • movement or displacement of the implant.


One of the risks of breast implant surgery is something called ‘Capsular formation and contracture’. What this means is that the body is making a normal response to a foreign body (such as an implant) by forming a shell or scar tissue around it. While it’s a normal response, in the case of breast implants, it’s an unwanted response because left untreated, the implants can fold or rupture. The risks of capsular formation and contraction vary from about 5-30% at around 5 years post-surgery.


Some other signs to look out for could include:

  • you can see or feel lumps in the breast
  • you notice a decreased breast size or distorted breast shape
  • your breasts appear to be different sizes or shapes
  • you experience pain or tenderness

These could be symptoms of a rupture or leak of breast implants. While this is a rarer condition, it’s important to have your breast implants checked regularly.


Need to get your breast implants checked?


We’ve recently launched Australia’s first dedicated breast implant clinic at Macquarie University. You can now have your breast implants checked by our experienced doctors. You don’t need a referral, and your out-of-pocket costs will be less than $50. For more information or to book, please click here.


Are you a surgeon, looking to improve your level of care?


At ISHC, we’re working hard to educate surgeons and the community at large about safe breast implant surgery. If you’re a surgeon, please click here to learn about our 14-point plan to improve the safety of your surgery.