Ultrasound screening clinic

Ultrasound screening clinic

At Integrated Specialist Healthcare, we offer a holistic approach to medicine. This means that when you visit our ultrasound screening clinic, we also offer “on-the-spot” pathology for a definitive diagnosis.

Why visit the ISHC ultrasound clinic?

Our ultrasound clinic includes an established breast screening program to evaluate breast lumps.


If you or your doctor has found a suspicious lump in your breast, it’s best to have it checked with an ultrasound scan as soon as possible. We are able to provide an ultrasound screening test and, if required, a biopsy performed on the spot to give you a definitive diagnosis of your breast lump.


This ultrasound test and biopsy will be able to provide you with peace of mind for benign lesions and access to immediate surgical treatment should the lump prove to be suspicious.


The ISHC ultrasound clinic is available at our Miranda clinic.